I do think of days such as Valentines, Christmas, Birthdays etc as huge magnifiers 🔍 … what do I mean by that🧐???

Well if all is good in your world a day with a ‘Label’ can make you feel extra good … and if things aren’t so rosy 🌹 …. it can Be a real downer 😢!

So for I would like to use Valentines as a day of mindfulness … this is a great read that EVERYONE can take something from 🤓😍….

It’s not gushy, sentimental or ‘out there’ … just a wonderful article 🥰with a positive practical outlook👍 … I really enjoyed it and I hope you do too 👉 https://theeverygirl.com/why-you-need-self-care-and-self-love/

Jayne ❤️