“Where we’ve come from … Where we’re going”

Well after an absolutely cracking summer I was left wondering how our autumn schedule would feel and whether I would be able to maintain the wonderful ‘feel good factor’ the middle of the year brought to our sessions. It also became obvious to me that as our fitness family increases and develops what you folks want, need, enjoy and relish in sessions has developed too.

When I first set up Jayne W. Fitness, my goal was to create easily accessible, high quality, personalised fitness classes with varied payment options that provide a warm friendly atmosphere and a much more personal touch than I was able to deliver in the ‘Large Club Chains’ that I’d been teaching in for over 20 years.

It’s with a mixture of sadness and great excitement that last month I finally gave up my last few ‘Chain Club’ classes, enabling me to fully concentrate on my own timetable. I had a 5 year plan for this …. thanks to you I’ve achieved this in 2.

This Term sees several changes to the current timetable … mainly the introduction of “FITPOP”. The tracks and choreography coming through from Zumba Fitness of late just haven’t reflected the music tastes of my participants … now I have the freedom to use music tracks and moves that you all KNOW & LOVE.

The other big change is the differentiation in our mind body classes. In yoga I have been combining traditional Yoga flow/poses along with Pilates core and alignment moves to provide a total rounded mind/body package .. to reflect this the class description has been changed to Yogalates which really describes the session perfectly.

Some of our Pilates classes now include equipment, others have remained solely mat based. The change from Pilates to ‘Pure Pilates’ and Pilates Bands & Balls will enable you to pick the format that best suits your needs and preference the most.

Autumn has also been fun on sooooooo many levels …. At the end of September I attended a series of workshops and taster sessions and sampled the latest innovations the fitness industry has to offer. October gave us Pink Pilates where you all managed to raise over £350 for the local charity ‘Breast Cancer Haven’ … I’m so grateful to you all

I also had a fantastic time brushing up on my first aid skills…. It’s very rare that I have to use these skills in a class situation, however you can rest assured that should anything unfortunate occur you are in safe hands!!!!

So that’s us up to now … but what next??? Well we have the KidzCome2 Christmas workout to look forward to and I’m also trying to plan/arrange a little surprise for us grown ups too!

Next weekend I complete my training on a BRAND NEW CLASS FORMAT that I will be adding to our JANUARY TIME TABLE ….. yes MORE CLASSES!!!! You will love Love LOVE what I have coming on board …. eeeekkkkkk … watch this space.

And ‘Last but not Least’ Phew…. I have Gift Vouchers and Class Passes available. If your friends and family haven’t got a clue what to get you for Christmas why not let them buy you CLASSES and PERSONAL Training sessions?? …. how exciting would that be?! A WISH LIST LINK for them to access for you will be available within the next few weeks….

This current term runs until 14th December 2018 … and here is the link to the LATEST CLASS TIMETABLE

So all that is left for me to say is a MASSIVE THANK YOU for your support in making the sessions fantastic and making my business grow.

Keep Watching This Space.

Jayne xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx