DID YOU KNOW 💁‍♀️😃👍💚📼

All my online events are recorded for you to watch as often as you like for a whole week after the session 📺. If you can’t attend the event live you can still purchase the event and watch the video on replay … here is a clip from our Triple challenge from yesterday 😍😅.

Tomorrow I will be publishing our August online events 🎈 … along with all you need to know about August Memberships and Challenges💚.

Pay as you go videos are all open for purchase …. Here’s what we have for your along with details of tomorrow’s event.

📺HERE IS A LIST OF ALL MY £3.50 PAYG CLASSES:- ⏩ https://bookwhen.com/jaynewettonfitness

👟STEP FITNESS – Intermediate step choreography workout

🍑🕧BUMS, LEGS & TUMS 30 MIN EXPRESS WORKOUT – multi level workout out abs and booty busting session

🧘‍♀️PILATES PROGRESSIONS – Challenging multi level pilates with an optional mindfulness/relaxation component

🩰🕧BARRE FITNESS 30 MIN EXPRESS WORKOUT – Tone head to toe and bring out your inner diva.

🏋🏼‍♀️PUMP STRENGTH – Awesome challenging strength workout using dumbbells and optional barbell

😅CARDIO TONE – Three trickle factor calorie burning and toning workout 💧💧💧

🧘‍♀️PILATES BALL & BAND – challenging and relaxing at the same time – not as easy as it looks!

💪TOTAL TONE – 2 hours of toning packing into a 50 min session.

😅🕧CARDIO BLAST HI/LO AEROBICS 30 MIN EXPRESS WORKOUT – fab hi/lo multi level workout

🧘‍♀️🕧YOGA FLEX & STRETCH 30 MIN EXPRESS WORKOUT – Brilliant for improving your balance and flexibility

💪🕧ARMS & ABS 30 MIN EXPRESS WORKOUT – 100% arms and abs strength and tone session


‪Do you suffer from back ache 😞 caused by tight muscles, poor posture or weak/tight glutes and lower back muscles?‬

‪Let me show you how to strengthen your back & posture muscles whilst at the same time incorporating deep stretches to release tight muscles that can cause misalignment and back discomfort.🙂‬

‪No equipment required … just a mat or thick towel, cushion.‬

‪🤲You will be able to ask as many questions as you like throughout the workshop‬

‪🤲 The workshop is recorded for you to access as often as you like … you can use it as a maintenance tool to keep your back ‘in check’‬

‪🤲 This workshop in not appropriate for anyone with spine or back injury.‬

🙏🏻You will have full access to a recording of the session after the event.

‪You can book your place via my booking site ‬➡️ https://bookwhen.com/jaynewettonfitness

Silver🥈& Bronze🥉members don’t forget to use your July discount codes, Gold🥇members … your zoom access codes are in your mail box 📥.

Have a fab evening.

Jayne xxxxx