Sooooo…. it will not have escaped your notice that it has been a bit quiet on the FITNESS FOOD front this week!!!

A few weeks ago I made the mistake of mentioning the fact that I hardly ever catch a cold … BAM … cue a vicious virus at the most inconvenient time ever. Each day my intention has been to food shop and meal prep .. but to be honest just getting through classes and admin has been as much as I have managed. WHY AM I TELLING YOU THIS????? Well I’ve learned a few lessons:-

1. I need to have a plan B (no not the dishy director/singer). Not fuelling myself as I would do normally has just led to my feeling even more rotten! SO – this weekend I plan to fill my freezer with a whole week’s worth of goodness – all prepared for any future ‘unforeseeables’.

2. Fail to plan, plan to fail! Even when I felt grim on Monday I should have made the effort to food shop or at least send Hubby out with a list (he offered and I couldn’t be a***d to write one)… this would have made the week so much easier.

3. CADBURY’S CREME EGGS make you feel better for 30 seconds and sick for another 30 mins!!!!

On 23rd April the NEW TIMETABLE launches (woohoooooo) … In line with this on the 22nd April I shall forward post a list of ingredients on my FITNESS FOOD PAGE and share my food diary for that week. I will also share recipes and food prep planning along with all the meals I make.

For those of you who have lost your ‘MOJO’ food wise, have fallen out of love with healthy food or are just looking for great ideas why not join me?????

Have a wonderful weekend…… I’m now off to the kitchen!!