Well … I think it’s fair to say that we live in interesting times eh🙃! I wish I had answers for you but my sector is still trying to workout how the new tier 2. Restrictions 📯📃 effect group exercise. As soon as I have an answer I’ll let you all know 📥 … but for today, at least, no change 💁‍♀️😘

1. ‪Join us at 9.30am for Cardio Tone at Shelly Farm Community Ctr‬ 11.00am Pure Pilates is fully booked today I’m afraid ➡️

2. 📺 ON DEMAND VIDEOS 🎞 are a fantastic way of working out in your own space at your own time and you have access to your video as often as you like for a whole week 👍. Choose from Barre, BLT, Total Tone, Step, Aerobics, Pump It, Yogalates, Pure Pilates, Dynamic Pilates, Cardio Tone £3.50 or £10 for all 10 workouts ➡️

3. Not 1 but 2 facebook lives today … both approx 15 – 20 mins. 7.30am CARDIO TONE and 5.30pm STEP FITNESS 😅these lives are just brilliant for those who don’t have an hour ⏰ or would like ‘to try before you buy’ one of my ‘on demand ‘ class formats 😍😍😍😍😍

4. STEP L💚VERS 👟 … bag you event space for this Wed Eve
‪📺 WED 14TH OCTOBER 7.30PM ‬

‪TRIPLE (TRI) CHALLENGE STEP FITNESS EVENT😅👟 Would you like to burn calories and tone head toe in 1 hour of step awesomeness?‬

‪Based on the awesome feed back we had from the last session join me again for another 20/20/20 event 🎊🎉.‬

‪💚 20 min basic step choreography .. burn calories‬
‪🖤 20 min interval weights & step … shred and tone‬
‪🤍 20 min abs and stretch 💁‍♀️ nothing not to like here 👍‬

‪You can join me live 💻 or watch back at your own convenience 📺 … again and again … as often as you like!!!! 😍😍😍‬

‪Seeeeee Youuuuu Laaaaater👍‬

‪Stay Well, Stay Safe, Stay Positive‬

‪Jayne 💚🖤🤍‬