HELLO THURSDAY 🌤❄️ (also know as what’s our tier day 🤞)

Gooooood morning ⛅️ 👋 I think ‘Lockdown Lunacy’ has taken over behind the scenes here this week 🤪 … I’ve developed a new tendency to start ‘corpsing’ whilst filming … it’s been really bad!!! Pilates took me nearly 20 mins to film the intro 😩🤯😂😂 … I’ve saved some of the best bits just in case you could do with a giggle later … watch this space


Have you seen my latest BLACK

FRIDAY OFFER 🖤😃🖤 (posted last night) … I have ANOTHER lined up

for later 😃👏🖤 … MIND BODY lovers watch this space 🥰🙏🏻

Here’s what we have for you to access today 💁‍♀️

Join me at 7.30am for our mini workout 🧭 … Glutes, Inner & Outer Thighs Today 🍑🦵⏳✔️

BLACK FRIDAY DEAL NO. 1😃🖤 … December memberships 5 weeks of fitness for the cost of just 4 … bargain. That’s all your classes delivered to your mailbox 📥💌 until Jan 3rd 😄 #sorted 🙌 … here’s the info link https://fb.watch/1ZHXgloNbE/


Beginners/Gentle total body workout classes 🤲. 10 class for just £24 … watch WHEN you want as OFTEN as you like until 3rd Jan 2021 … all delivered to you mailbox 📨📩 here’s the info link https://fb.watch/1-1-2tpatp/

📺 ON DEMAND VIDEOS 🎞  … You can purchase individually at £3.50 or £10 for all 10 workouts ➡️ https://bookwhen.com/jaynewettonfitness

FINALLY 😅 … do you have a band and pilates ball? If you do why not clear your diary this Sunday morning and join me for my PILATES BALLS & BANDS FB LIVE EVENT🧘‍♀️🙏🏻 Cost via my booking site £5.50 ➡️https://bookwhen.com/jaynewettonfitness

Or pay directly via Facebook $6.99

Stay positive  …‬ stay well, stay safe,

Jayne 💚🤍🖤

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